Step-by-Step Instructions for My Email Set Up:

  1. On the right side is the email set up online form.
    A. Your full name.
    B. Your phone number you are calling from OR
        your profile username and password.
    C. Your email address.
    D. Phone number you plan to call. It is required to
         provide the phone number.
    E. Select a state where you are calling from.
    F.  Name of a person or business you are calling.
    G. Specific announcements you’d like the STS
         Communication Assistant to make (e.g., “This is
         John calling to check on my puppy.”)
    H. Brief instructions or details about the subject of
         the call, call handling preferences, or anything
         that you think might make the call easier.
    I.  Click the Submit button. Your information will be
         available for the Communication Assistant.

    This on-line form must be filled out at least two hours before the call in order to send a message to the Communication Assistant.
    The message will be saved for up to 24 hours.

  2. To place the call, you dial the Vermont Relay STS number (877-253-0446) and tell the Communication Assistant to use the My Email Call Set Up form. You may provide either their phone number or customer profile user name to the Communication Assistant.

  3. The Communication Assistant reviews the emailed instructions and promptly connects the call using the information provided.

  4. You speak to both the Communication Assistant and the standard phone user.

  5. The Communication Assistant repeats your conversation to the standard phone user when requested.

  6. The standard phone user listens to the Communication Assistant and responds directly to you.